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This was a video I made after my expedition to Svalbard as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow. My wife and I are the only two married Grosvenor Fellows, and her expedition took her to Antarctica a year before I was awarded the Fellowship.

School or Education Series: Ring the Bell, School is in Session…

When the pandemic struck, I saw friends scrambling to figure out how to be a teacher as the focus turned to homeschooling so I put together a short series of videos in March 2020 to help them get off on the right foot.

In this video series I’ll share insight on what authentic life and learning should look like through the eyes of your student, and, by the end of this school year, you’ll earn that elusive “Teacher of the Year” award from the only person that matters — your own child.
No worksheets, no children wasting days on screens watching videos and sitting through marathon zoom calls… Just an authentic, experiential and common sense approach to life and learning that builds character and holistic human development, and sets the foundations for a life spent chasing curiosity and achieving our true score.
Pack your lunch and ring the bell… School is in session.
“Education is just like Mardi Gras” — well, sorta. Friends in Louisiana know there are two different Mardi Gras traditions and while I really oversimplify this metaphor, understanding the difference between “nourishment” and the “Neutral Ground” is the path to your child’s Success. Pack your lunch and ring the bell… School is in session. Mr. Hance
Following on this week’s explanation that “education” is defined as “an enlightening experience,” we are building our framework for success, starting with Mr. Hance’s 4 Rules for the Classroom — and life! Ring the bell, school is in session… Mr. Hance
Teach like John Wayne Think of an example of a “good teacher.” You immediately thought of John Wayne, right? “Bull” Feeney was the tough, football-loving son of an Irish-immigrant bartender in Portland, Maine who moved across the country, changed his name, and changed film-making forever… Many have said that along the way to earning a record number of Academy Awards (note: the record still stands!), he “invented” the persona we know as John Wayne. In a two minute clip, John Wayne taught a kid to fish and demonstrated everything you’ll ever need to know about good pedagogy and student success. The good news is you’ve already worked through the most important part of being a good teacher (hint: authentic, trusting relationships!)…. Now you just have to let your kid learn to fish (…and swim!). Ring the bell. School is in session.
What’s so special about me and my style of teaching? Nothing really, pretty common stuff…

Ring the Bell, School is in Session.