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Guest Bio: School Or Education: Understanding How Maverick Finally Became the Best of the Best

Abigail French is an accomplished presenter, curriculum writer, mentor, and the facilitator of the Self-Determined Learning Lab at Frederick County Middle School in Winchester, Virginia. At the center of Abby’s work in education, with adults or students, is her belief that building a culture rich in empathy and inquiry best supports deep learning experiences and growth for all community members.
Most recently, Abby was selected as a recipient of the VASCD Impact Makers Award for 2022. In addition to teaching, Abby serves as an Innovation and Social Studies Coach with VaLIN as part of the VDOE sponsored Virginia Assessment Collaborative. In September of 2020, Abby was awarded membership to the ASCD Class of 2020 Emerging Leaders. Additionally, in her involvement as a board member with Unison EDU, a non-profit organization, Abby works to provide equitable professional development to schools.
Outside of school, Abby enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family, preferably outdoors. Abby credits summers at Nature Camp, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, with connecting her to nature; her greatest reset button and source of balance.