Electrifying: Energy Transition, Environmental Law, and Election Years

Geopolitics Challenges the Transition to Renewables and My Environmental Science Students are Constructing their Understanding of Environmental Law and Teaching it to Each Other Since 2016 I have taught environmental law during election years as an upper level undergraduate course to (mostly) Environmental Science majors and the choice to teach it only during election years READ MORE

Science Standards in Regulatory Law: Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

How Do We collect Data and Use It to Inform Setting Standards in Conservation and Environmental Law? What is the role of science and how does it inform conservation strategies and environmental law? Who gets to be a scientist and what does that mean? About a decade ago, I was teaching fifth grade… Where I READ MORE

Border Crossings: Monarch Butterflies

Posted on July 26, 2022 by wildinaminute Monarch Butterflies Looking Good in 2019 (Trevor Hance) In January 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the transvolcanic belt of Central Mexico, where I experienced beautiful forests, people, and millions of monarch butterflies who overwinter there each year. I am grateful to Natural Habitat Adventures and World Wildlife Fund for being selected to join them READ MORE

Bee-energy? Let’s revisit Texas Senate Bill 1772: Pollinator Friendly Solar Farms in Texas

Trevor Hance Bee-nergy:  a Texas Pollinator-Smart Solar Program is Smart for Texas This blog revisits Texas Senate Bill 1772 (2021), and asserts that Texas should create a “Texas Pollinator-Smart Solar Program.”  The creation of a Texas Pollinator-Smart Solar Program will incorporate existing synergies at the federal and local level, build on Texas’ leadership in the READ MORE