About Trevor

Trevor’s work is rooted in systems thinking, scaled perspectives, conservation, and legacy, cultivating transformative growth across multiple industries over the course of his career.

At home in Texas

Edging closer to completing an LL.M. in Environmental Law at Lewis & Clark Law School (Fall 2022) with a focus on natural resource conservation, marine science, and energy, Trevor teaches (adjunct) in three colleges at Concordia University Texas (Natural Sciences, Masters of Public Health, and Education). Courses Trevor has designed and teach include Environmental Law, Environmental Education, “SciComm in the Age of Emoji,” and, as a founding faculty member of the University’s Masters of Public Health Program, Trevor co-designed and co-teaches the cornerstone Environmental Health course.

As Executive Director & CEO a conservation-based non-profit outside of Austin, Trevor navigated through incredible headwinds and the COVID-19 pandemic. Under Trevor’s leadership, new systems and programs grew the organization’s membership 10-fold, extended social media reach, and engaged new research and the discovery of endangered species on their nature preserve. Additionally, he grew the organization’s endowment, retired debt, and introduced new collaborative partners from throughout Central Texas and the United States, leading the organization to financial stability for the first time in a decade.

As an award winning public school educator and administrator, Trevor authored and managed multiple six-figure grants bringing public-private stakeholders together to develop nature-based learning spaces at a public school in Austin, recognizing biophilic design, topophilic connections, community, and holistic learning as essential elements of human development. As part of the physical evolution of the campus, he designed and implemented a learning model that transformed the school to “The School for Enrichment and the Environment,” and designed a learning studio that was awarded the highest honor in Texas for an educational space.

Trevor also has success as an attorney with several reported cases, and as Director of Corporate Communications for a start up, where he managed a PR campaign that resulted in favorable coverage on all major networks and print media (including front page, Sunday edition of the New York Times.)

He is an attorney, Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, NOAA Teacher at Sea, Texas Environmental Excellence Award Winner, Kingdom of the Monarchs Grant recipient, North American Association of Environmental Education/EECapacity Fellow, farmer, husband, conservationist, and most important, dad of two daughters, smack dab in the middle of Texas.

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