Constructivist and transformative learning theory provide learners with an opportunity to develop understanding independently, and require that they remain agile and ready for dynamic shifts in their baseline understanding.  It also requires educators to be masters of content and facilitate learning in a way that provides foundations for success and inspires learners to keep curious.

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Those things that humans consider resources, and access to those resources, are the core of human history.  Law regulates what governments cannot do, what they must must do, and what humans/citizens can and cannot do.  Values assigned to education and to the environment, and access to those resources require a unique understanding of the law and attendant disciplines.

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The Environment

Thoreau famously said “in Wildness is the preservation of the world.”  With technology and the pace of society, we are in an era of unparalleled ability to engage, engineer, and embrace the true potential of the environment as it relates to individuals, societies…

…and wildness.

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Educate further. Educate future.

A recent study showed that after taking centuries to double, human knowledge is now doubling once every 12 months and within our lifetime, will double every 12 hours.  Should we double down on educating for content or should we create collaborative connections that foster synthesis and sustainability?

The answer is obvious:  Platforms that cultivate wonder and create legacy through stewardship and sustainability.



Find your further.  Be future.

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